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Tamburlaine the Great

Production: Rollin Studios | Director: Dominik Sivilli  | 2015

Through Marlowe’s captivating verse we’ll discover an ancient land: ruled by King Mycetes who has become child like and remiss in his duties, ignoring the growing unrest among his people and the neighboring warlords threatening his borders. Among the lower class is Tamburlaine, a simple shepherd who rises in defiance of his fate and raises an army to take hold of the kingdom! His confidence knows no bounds, and as we witness him turn bitter enemies into his greatest generals, we too start to believe that no force on heaven or earth can stop his ambition.

Though that is not the end of Tamburlaine’s story, no that is only the beginning! As his story continues we begin to learn of his true love Zenocrate, an Egyptian princess, and of the vicious king of all kings - Bajazeth! Could he be Tamburlaine’s final undoing, breaking the mighty warrior and casting him back to the dirt he rose up from? Filled with intrigue, romance, and blood-soaked battlefields, Marlowe has crafted a mythical tale that has captured the imaginations of readers since the Elizabethan era! Now join us as we endeavor to bring this classic into the new age of online filmmaking - breathing new life into a woefully forgotten legend.