The Prison

The Prison location is made of a massive 70 Acres consisting of building and land with over 10 buildings and long hallways connecting through additional storage units with loading docks. It’s a unique location in the New York City area, it is located in Staten Island and it is the first prison location to be available for film shoots within the 5 boroughs of the City. It features an actual max-security infrastructure with unique prison cells.

To scout this location you will need a minimum of 2-3 hours without travel time. We can provide transportation to scout the location if the request is submitted with at least 10 business days prior.

The Prison is located in Staten Island and its best route for transportation is by car. The nearest means for public transportation is the MTA Bus S55 from the Staten Island Railway Huguenot Station.

Currently – this location is only available to book film shoots on the exterior grounds.

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