Greenpoint School

The Greenpoint school used to be a catholic middle school enrolling students from 5th to 9th grade. It consists of 2 floors, a basement level and a rooftop area. The basement level/1st floor has a catering area along with an industrial kitchen and several different rooms. The 2nd floor holds a spacious theater that the students used for their drama classes and year graduations. The 3rd floor has the classrooms divided by a 100ft long hallway connecting every room. The rooftop holds a small playground area for younger students and amazing Manhattan Skyline views.

It’s conveniently located on Nassau Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn right off the G Train and it’s entirely ground-floor accessible. Its utilities include restrooms, heating, air-conditioner, wifi and regular house power up to 3000w. This location is available for filming Monday through Sunday – 24/7.

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